Top 5 Reasons to have a Winter Wedding

When most couples become engaged, guests usually expect to receive a save the date card for a spring, summer or fall wedding. It seems to be a rarity to receive a save the date to have a wintery bliss wedding. Winter weddings have really taken off in the wedding industry and we’re about to give you our top 5 reasons you SHOULD have a winter wedding!


Most wedding venues’ peak wedding season lands from May to October which means a lot of those wedding dates get booked pretty far in advance which leaves limited availability in the wedding peak season. At Sand Springs, there is a 150 guest minimum to have a Saturday reception between May & October, however if an off-peak date is chosen during the off-season months (November-April) there is no guest minimum required. There also tends to be more available Saturday dates in the off-peak months for venues. There’s also more date options for you and your future wifey or hubby to choose from instead of being limited to handful of dates in the in-season.

Snowflake Package

A great perk to having a winter wedding are the winter specials that come with it. At Sand Springs, we offer our amazing Snowflake package for $65.00 per person between the months of January & March. With our all-inclusive package you’ll receive delicious hors d’oeuvres, an open premium bar, mouth watering entrees and several of our wedding enhancements such as a wedding cake, chiavari chairs and ballroom up-lighting just to name a few. If you’re looking to make your budget stretch, the Snowflake package for a winter wedding is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Beautiful Snowy Wedding Photos

While snow is never guaranteed for a winter wedding, when it snows it makes for a gorgeous back drop for wedding photos! Other than the typical green trees and blooming flowers, you’ll get a beautiful snow covered mountain back drop. With a winter wedding, one thing you have to be mindful is daylight savings time which means you have so many chances to get beautiful nighttime photos. With the right photographer, your wedding photos can truly stand out from the rest.

The Holiday Season

One of the best reasons to have a winter wedding (which your guests will thank you for) is a break from all of the holiday madness with shopping, decorating & the endless holiday parties. You’re allowing your guests to let loose and enjoy themselves! Another great reason to have your wedding during the holiday season is the pre-set décor of your wedding venue during the holidays. While there are some venues that don’t decorate, at Sand Springs we offer a beautifully decorated live Christmas Tree, a gorgeous wreath and lit garland on our fireplace along with decorative lights outside. Pre-set holiday décor can help you with your decorating budget as well!

Out of the Box

Now…winter weddings are not for everyone and that’s okay. We love our spring, summer and fall weddings just as much! But if you’re interested in doing something different, a winter wedding is the way to go. If you want to swap your greenery for poinsettas, your bridal bouquets for muffs and your daytime photos for romantic evening shots…a winter wedding is calling your name.

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