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Sweetheart Table, Head Table OR King Table?

So let’s talk about seating arrangements for your wedding day! And no, we’re not talking about where your guests will be sitting (that’s for an entirely different day). We’re talking about where yourself and your future wife or husband will be sitting….This is an ongoing debate for engaged couples. Do we sit together? Do we sit with our guests? Do we have our bridal party sit with us?

The number one question you have to ask before finalizing this decision is “what are WE most comfortable with?” I’m here to tell you three different options and to give you the pros and cons of those options to hopefully make this decision-making process that much easier for you! Let’s begin

This is the MOST popular seating option couples tend to choose for their wedding day. The sweetheart table is a much smaller table than your guest tables and it’s set ONLY for the bride/groom, bride/bride or groom/groom.  The sweetheart table is set at the front of reception area so that you and your future hubby or wifey can look out at all of your family and friends. This is a great option for couples that want to stand out a little bit more during their dinner and reception. If you’re okay with a little more attention on you for the day of your wedding, then this is a great choice! You can also personalize your sweetheart table to be a little bit different from your guest tables with different linens and décor. However, if you can’t stand being the center of attention this may not be the best choice of seating for you and your future wife/husband.

The head table is a seating option for you and your wife/husband and your entire bridal party to sit at during dinner and the reception. This is typically set at the front of your reception space just as the sweetheart table option would be. This can be a beautiful set up with additional decorations. Décor items can include beautiful draping, up-lighting, and using your bridesmaids’ bouquets as centerpieces. However, a con to the head table is figuring out where to seat your bridal party’s dates or spouses. Sometimes it can be a tad bit awkward for your bridal party’s dates especially if they don’t know anyone else attending the wedding. If you’re bridal party is small enough though, it’s always an option to have their dates sit at the head table as well!

So you’re probably asking “what in the world is a king table????” A king table is a new and upcoming seating option for the bride, groom and bridal party. If you still want to be the center of attention but also have the ability to have good conversation with your bridal party, this is a fun and unique seating option. It also alleviates that painful awkwardness of you and your bridal party staring out at your guests during dinner. It’s still formal but casual at the same time. You don’t even necessarily have to have your bridal party sit at this table either. You could choose to have your parents and closest family members at this table and have your bridal party seated with their dates at guest tables. The only real con to this option is that some venues don’t always have the space to achieve this awesome seating arrangement.

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