Sweet 16’s

Sweet 16’s

Turning 16 is an exciting and the most anticipated time for a teenager!  From getting your driver’s license to deciding on what type of party to throw, there are so many decisions to make.  Here are some helpful tips for planning a sweet sixteen to ensure a perfect celebration everyone will remember for years to come.


  1. Setting a date

It’s important that your closest family and friends will be at your party.  A sweet sixteen does not need to be held on your actual birthday.  Try to pick a date that works best for as many friends and family as possible.  Once you decide on date, setting a budget is the next step.  It will make your planning much easier!


  1. Choosing a theme

Where do you begin for a theme?  Do you like the colors pink and black?  Do you love glitz and glam?  The theme you choose for your party will help determine what type of decor, favors, etc you should choose.  The theme can be as simple as your favorite colors, sports team or movie. This party is for you, so pick a theme that you love!


  1. Creating a guest list

You want the most important people in your life at your 16th Birthday party.  Start with your immediate family and closest friends then work from there because the guest list can get long very quickly.


  1. Venue and Décor

The decor is one of the biggest details for your Sweet 16! Make sure your decor sticks with the theme that we mentioned earlier so everything goes together. At Sand Springs you have the freedom to decorate however you would like; candles, fresh flowers, balloons, etc.


  1. Food, drink and dessert

Here at Sand Springs we offer an array of menus for you to choose from. Our “Sweet 16” menus have food geared more towards teenagers such as chicken fingers, pizza and fajitas. You also have the option of going with our banquet menus to offer a wider array of food like chicken francaise, cheese tortellini and mashed potatoes. We are able completely customize a menu for you as well to fit your vision for the day. Our onsite pastry chef can also create the cake of your dreams for the big day! We have a full pastry menu with everything from cake and cupcakes to brownies and cannolis to satisfy your sweet tooth.


  1. Entertainment

Booking a DJ is extremely popular for birthday parties! They keep the party going with fun music and lights. Most DJs offer other upgrades like photo booths that can keep everyone entertained for hours! They usually offer several different packages depending on what you would like for your party. Our parties here at Sand Springs are a maximum of 4 hours, so make sure your DJ is updated with the time frame of your party.

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