Showers at Sand Springs

Are you getting married or having a baby?  Let Sand Springs take care of everything for you.  We have many rooms for you to host your shower of any size.  There are many different options that you may choose from.


  • Display vs. Opening your gifts
    • Display showers are becoming more popular and a fun way to see all the gifts in a different way. You can have cards with everyone’s name on them and place them next to the gifts as your guests bring them in.
    • You can have more time socializing with your guests.
    • If you are nervous about being the center of attention, then this is a great way to go!
    • Opening your gifts is always fun! If you open your gifts, there are certain games your guests can play.
    • It is exciting to see what gifts you are receiving and who they are from.
  • Assigning seats vs. Open seating
    • Some showers do assign seats for the guests attending. This is nice if you know who would love to sit together.
    • Open seating is great as well if you would like everyone to mingle.
  • Gender Neutral vs. Pink or Blue
    • Are you keeping the gender a secret or letting everyone know? Either way is so exciting!
    • For gender neutral colors, the most popular color choices for linens are champagne, white, and sandalwood. Sometimes guests also choose, white linens with light pink and blue napkins.
    • For pink or blue, you can still choose neutral linens and have your centerpieces pop with the color the gender or have your other décor specify the color.


Additional items that are included in your packages:

  • Red or White sangria OR a non-alcoholic punch
  • White or Champagne linens
  • You may arrive early to decorate the room
  • You may bring in as many baked goods as you would like

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