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Sand Springs Bridal Suite

As you’re planning for your big day, you may be asking yourself the question, ”Where am I going to get ready on my wedding day?” This is where we come in! One of the advantages to booking your wedding at Sand Springs is the ability to utilize our on-site bridal suite, also known as our Epernay Room and it’s YOUR room all day. It’s a worry that is completely uplifted during the planning process knowing you have a space set aside for you and your party to get ready. Here are some amazing advantages to utilizing our complimentary suite for your big day…

The one thing I think every Bride searches for on her day, is a sense of privacy. She wants to be able to enjoy the morning of her wedding relaxing with her party and be pampered by her hair and make-up team. We also want no surprises for her future hubby to see her! Our suite provides an abundance of privacy with over 1000 square feet to enjoy with tables and chairs as well as comfortable couches. We’ve even got those floor length mirrors for you! Your entire party will also get to take advantage of your own private restroom in the suite with your own bridal party survival kit filled with goodies including hair pins, floss, hair spray and more!

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Not only do you have privacy for your party, but Sand Springs also provides a great menu for you to pre-order before the big day. Our menu offers more than just food, but mimosas, champagne and unlimited coffee and tea! That’s right, we said mimosas! From assorted pastries in the morning to fresh fruit and wraps for lunch, there’s no such thing as being “hangry” at Sand Springs.

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With food and wedding day privacy taken care of, the next advantage to utilizing our suite is having those “getting ready” photos! These are such special moments for a “Bride (or Groom) to be” on this day, and these photos are special moments that so many cherish down the road.  The bridal suite is a great space to utilize for these private moments before walking down the aisle.

Photo Courtesy: William Hendra Photography

Although the suite can only used by either the Bride or Groom the day of the wedding, both parties will have the choice to use the suite later in the day as well. Whether you want to be at cocktail hour or not, our staff at Sand Springs will provide your very own private cocktail hour for the entire party, groomsmen and bridesmaids included! With stationed hors D’Oeuvres and signature drinks, it’s a great time of the day to relax and take in the moment before the reception begins!

Photo Courtesy: Dearly Beloved 

So, sit back, relax and enjoy your wedding day from the moment you walk into our venue that morning until the end of your reception!




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