On-Site Ceremony VS Church Ceremony

When you become engaged, there are a lot of logistics to think about, not only with your catering, photos and other vendors, but especially for your ceremony. As soon as you get engaged, your family and friends will start asking you if you’re getting married at a church or a venue. You may have not even thought about it! Well, we’re going to give you some helpful pros and cons of having your ceremony on-site at your venue or at a church.

On-Site Ceremony PROS

Pro #1 – Convenience
The best part about having your ceremony on-site at Sand Springs is not having to leave or factor in travel time whether it be for your bridal party or guests. Our natural setting in our Outdoor Gardens is the perfect spot to have your ceremony. We have a beautiful, spacious bridal suite that’s great for large bridal parties. It includes your own private bathroom, flat screen TV and plenty of space for your bridal party. Once you’re all ready for the day, your bridal party can walk right into your ceremony. There’s no getting into a car and traveling to your ceremony and then traveling back to the reception venue. The Celebrations Ballroom is located right next to the outdoor Gardens. Convenience is also great for your guests especially if you have many of them traveling for your special day. It alleviates any extra travel for guests that might be traveling a long distance.

Pro #2 – Personalization
Every single couple we have at Sand Springs is different so why should your ceremony look the exact same as every-one else’s? We have three beautiful pergolas and a rock waterfall as a background for your special day along with a spacious Pavilion for your guests to sit under during the ceremony. We do allow your florist to bring in flower petals, floral arrangements and other fun décor items to personalize your ceremony. As an additional upgrade to your wedding ceremony, we offer gorgeous white draping (with draping options) to bring a special touch to your ceremony.

On-Site Ceremony CON

Con #1 – Religious Preference
If you’re looking to have religious ceremony at an on-site venue, your local priest, pastor or Reverend may not be comfortable performing a marriage at a venue that is not a church. It’s all based off your religious preference. For example, a Catholic Priest will not perform a marriage ceremony outside the church, but a Reverend from a Baptist Church might. Although this is just an example, all religions are different and it’s truly up to the officiant who is marrying you.

Church Ceremony PRO

Pro #1 – Weather
Whether it’s a Church Ceremony or an indoor ceremony at a ceremony venue the weather is always a factor for weddings. With an indoor ceremony at a Church however, you are not at mercy of Mother Nature as you might be with an off-site outdoor ceremony. Whether it’s raining cats and dogs or snowing, a Church will always protect you and your guests from bad weather.

Pro #2 – Larger Space
While this doesn’t always apply, most churches do provide more seating for your guests especially if you are looking to have a larger guest list. If you plan on getting married in a Chapel, this may not be case. With an on-site ceremony at Sand Springs we can accommodate 250 guests for a ceremony, but if you’re looking to have more guests attend, a Church will most likely provide you with more space.

Church Ceremony CON

Con # 1 – Limited Decorations
With most Churches, there is usually a décor limit. Décor items such as candles and flower petals are typically not allowed in Churches. (This applies to most) You also may have limited time prior to the ceremony to make sure all of your decorations are set. At Sand Springs, you will have access to our Ceremony site starting at 8 am the morning of your wedding.

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