How to Change your Name after Marriage

Get your Marriage License & Certified Copies

Your marriage license is the MOST important document you need in order to even move forward with the other steps of changing your name. Be sure to ask if you can purchase certified copies in advance when you apply for your marriage license. It’s a good idea to have copies just in case as you never know what will come up in the future. Be sure to store your marriage license along with the copies in a safe place.

Update your Social Security Card

Once you’re married and have proof of your marriage with your license, the next step is to apply for a new social security card by mail in person at your local social security office. You will need your marriage license, a photo ID, a copy of your birth certificate and your current social security card. For more information, visit the Social Security website.

Head to the DMV

While the DMV is stressful and not always everyone’s favorite place to visit, the next step is get your new driver’s license. It’s a good idea to wait about 24 hours after you visit the social security office so that your new name has time update in the system. Some DMVs do require an appointment be made so be sure to check your DMV’s website for more information. Most states consider changing your license part of the renewal process so you will most likely need to take a new photo and pay a renewal fee.

Get a new Passport

When you change your name on your passport, it’s considered a correction. The requirements for changing your name varies according to when your passport was issued. All passport changes are done via mail. You can find a helpful took at the U.S. Department of State that can help you along the process of correcting here.

Change your Bank Accounts & Credit Cards

This can always be a daunting process especially if you have different bank accounts and multiple credit cards. Start with you bank as most banks require you to make changes in person. Make a list of the credit cards that you have and change one by one. All credit card companies differ on how they make changes.

Provide your new name and Banking info to your current Employer

Once your ID and your bank account match up, you should contact your company’s human resources or accounting department to provide them the new information as soon as possible. If your employer currently has direct deposit, it’s extremely important that they have your new information.

Update your Mortgage/Lease and Utilities Companies

Once all of your payment information is updated with your new name, you need to update your mortgage or lease along with your utilities companies. Most of the time these can be updated online or over the phone.

Update your Insurance Policies

Whether you have auto, home, rental or life insurance, it’s imperative that these policies have the correct and updated information on them to ensure you’re covered. If you’re planning to combine your policies with your spouse it’s a good idea to combine all your policies at once. For heath insurance policies, marriage is considered a life event so you can change your health coverage policy even if it’s not during enrollment period.

Other Things to Remember to Change

Once you’ve got the most important documents changed, don’t forget to change some of these other items down the road…

  • Kids’ School
  • Doctors’ Offices
  • Voter Registration
  • Post Office
  • Airlines (to transfer over miles)
  • Investment Account providers
  • Professional Licenses
  • Immigration Documents
  • Car Title/Registration


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