Have your cake & eat it too!

Not only can Sand Springs provide you full-service catering on your wedding day, but you can also design your wedding cake with us too! Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too! There are endless possibilities to cake styles, but we are here to guide you through some of our most popular and different decorating ideas to consider when designing. Let’s take a look!

Traditional Tiered Wedding Cake

The traditional tiered cake is probably the most popular style we have seen for weddings. It consists of different sized tiers stacked right on top of each other. Typically, the cake is cut and served individually to your wedding guests.


This has become more popular in recent years. Cupcakes are a fun interactive set up that can allow your guests to pick a cupcake of their choice! It can also make for a sweet To-Go treat with personalized to-go boxes from the newlyweds.



Individual Tiered Wedding Cake

Even though we don’t see this style as often as a traditional wedding cake and cupcakes, you can certainly get really creative with this! You can do all different style tiers and elevate them at different heights on your cake table OR you can make them each a similar style and just elevate at different levels. Either way, it makes for a fun twist on the traditional wedding cake.

Fake Wedding Cake

Yes, you heard us right…a fake wedding cake. This is a great option for a smaller wedding that may want the look of a large traditional cake but doesn’t necessarily need the all the cake to go along with it! Typically, a Styrofoam tier is used to create the tier and real buttercream, or fondant icing is used on top with the style chosen. It can be as simple as a two tier or as grand as an eight-tier cake. Usually the top tier is a real layer of wedding cake for the newlyweds to cut into giving the illusion that the cake is real.


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